We are emerge.

We believe in young people.

So, we are committed to deliver inspiring, holistic youth work in local schools and community settings and we will use our experience and knowledge to nurture new, vibrant youth work in urban churches.

If working with us could help you transform the lives of young people, please contact us.

inspiring young people

Holistic Youth Work in BD4

We meet young people in their schools and community settings to inspire life changes through a relational approach and a broad range of programmes tackling difficult issues such as barriers to education and exploitation.

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growing youth work

Holistic Youth Work in Churches

We work with you to enable the growth of outward-facing youth work in your community by sharing our knowledge and passion, mentoring youth workers and supporting your church to grow transformational work with young people.

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How to grow long-term, effective Youth Work.

A guide for local churches that want to reach out to young people in their community.

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Lasting, positive change

As we continue inspiring young people and growing youth work in and through churches, schools and community settings, we will see lasting positive change in the lives of young people.


Personal Resilience and Wellbeing

‘Giving back’ to their Community

Better engagement in Education

Individual Growth - Social, Emotional & Spiritual

  • "Bowling Park is very proud to work alongside emerge in providing often much needed support, guidance, compassion and care to children and young people in our community. The compassion, determination and creativity of their team is second to none."
    Matthew Langley
    Headteacher, Bowling Park Primary School
  • "emerge have provided us with an excellent youth worker and a supporting team over the last six years. Much more than that however, it has been a partnership to bring amazing youth work to Bierley, changing and engaging children and young people at grassroots level. We now have a thriving youth work, with our church, the local community centre and emerge working collaboratively."
    Chris Barnes
    Minister, Bethel Community Church
  • "emerge have proven an invaluable asset to the students that have accessed the service. The caring approach that they offer to the students is outstanding. The staff member who works at Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College goes above and beyond for the students, ensuring when they meet them in school it doesn’t encroach on their learning. A couple of guardians have informed me that they found the service extremely helpful, and noticed a vast improvement in the child’s behaviour and wellbeing. The school has also noticed a positive improvement in the children within the school environment."
    Julie Benn
    Named Safeguarding Lead, Buttershaw BEC
  • "We are proud to have partnered with emerge on numerous successful projects as we see them as a key organisation engaging on our estate and also within the BD4 that contribute to providing young people opportunities and positive experiences enriching not only their lives but also the communities in which they live."
    Jess Duggal
    Neighbourhood Investment Officer, Clarion Housing
  • "We have been working with emerge in Bowling Park for over 10 years. The work delivered to the young people of our area is first class and has made a real difference to countless lives during that time. The care and concern shown to the young people by emerge workers and a willingness to support them whatever is amazing to witness on a regular basis. It really is a pleasure working so closely with emerge and making such a difference to so many lives in our local area."
    Dave Brickman
    Friends of Bowling Park