Each of our locations represents a community rooted hub of activity, delivering tailored services to the needs of young people in that area.

We passionately believe that we are a part of community transformation. Our approach relies not on our ability to deliver great sessions but to be a part of community. To live, breathe, champion and empower a community to have vision.


Area Leader: Andy Sykes

We have been working in Bradford for 20 years. We started in two communities where church youth workers committed themselves to making a difference by stepping out and engaging with the young people on their streets. We have now grown to serve schools and communities across the district reaching thousands of young people every year.

South West London

Just over 4 years ago FAST in London and e:merge became one charity. Over those 4 years, we have together impacted the lives of hundreds of young people in the Patmore estate near Battersea and we have been on an exciting journey together. However, we have decided to separate once again and so as of this month, the FAST project has become an independent organisation once more. In that time, Bradford has gained from London and London has gained from Bradford through sharing our learning and inspiring each other.

e:merge is continuing to offer support through a transition period and the youth work continues within Patmore – if you would like to keep up to date with the work of FAST, they can be found on social media with the handle fastlondon.

Call 01274 660244 to find out about the services we offer in your area