The Journey from Isolation to Community

isolation to community
Many students love the social side of school life, but not this boy. He used to get teased, comments about his appearance and stared at. He felt different, isolated, unworthy, and alone.

One day he took it into his own hands and hit out at his taunter to which, of course, the school had to respond. Yet, they could see his need and ushered him to work with us. He was nervous to begin trusting anyone but, as time went by, with a little help, he started to see value in himself and his confidence grew. This continued to grow as he opened up more.

He was very isolated, not leaving his home very often as he was fearful of what could happen, so we ensured that throughout the holidays we helped him to get involved in community-based provision. We invited him to sessions, provided transport and introducing him to other workers and new people.

Gradually, bit by bit, this young man has become happier in his own skin. He is eager to get involved in community activities and has even started volunteering within his local community.

Every day at e:merge we walk alongside young people on this journey. If you are able to support this vital work please donate now and be a part of the solution…