Active & Engaged.

Sport is an amazing tool for engaging young people throughout a journey of development and growth – from first contact work on the streets with a football through to coaching awards, weekly activities and summer camps we see an incredible transformative power in sport.

Community Sport.

We use sport within our detached youth work sessions and drop in sessions to engage with young people, bring young people together and break down barriers.

This leads to regular led sessions focussing on a particular sport, and potentially to coaching awards, as well as to cross community competitions, trips and skills based sessions.


School based Sport.

Sports Clubs, before and after school which can be targeted at particular needs such as increasing attendance, building confidence etc.

One of our Out of School options is also based around sport; taking young people to new places and out of their comfort zone to develop self confidence, teamwork skills and a sense of achievement and fair play.


Summer Activities.

Each year our summers are filled with coaching, mini games, team challenges and lots of fun across all our hubs.

Case Study

“E:merge’s long-standing and sustained commitment to youth work in Windhill has continued to go from strength to strength, changing and adapting to reflect specific needs in the community.  They engage so well with other agencies and community stakeholders, including the local schools, Community Centre, Church and other organisations.  Working in partnership with the local Church, I am delighted to see these efforts bearing fruit, and the opportunities local young people have to engage and change through the activities that are available.”

Mark Watson, Vicar, Christchurch Windhill

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