Just Walk With Me

Written by Jude Simpson

With over 18 years of experience of developing youth work and supporting young people in the Bradford area, we’ve got a fantastic story to tell. Our book, Just Walk With Me, is a moving, gritty and true account about what life and providing youthwork is like here in inner city Bradford.

It has been received with great reviews and is an invaluable resource for social work or youthwork professionals or anyone studying or interested in youthwork, particularly in an inner city context.

If you’d like a copy please get in touch with us or go to the publisher’s website: Authentic Media

RRP £6.99

ISBN 9781860246111

inspiring young people

Inspiring Young People

A collection of stories and images

The youth workers at e:merge spend a lot of time with young people. It’s our job to inspire them to improve their lives. However, we have discovered an exciting truth over the years. As we walk alongside young people, they are often the ones that inspire us.

It’s not what we were expecting but it’s worth reflecting on and it’s worth celebrating.

Twenty-nine faces feature in our exhibition but we are celebrating and saying ‘thank you’ to the many young people in our midst who have energised us and spurred us on to be better people.

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Play Paws

Interactive DVD

Join Paws the Ping-Pong Playing Panda and part-time celebrity spotter as he leads you through a total of 96 brilliant ice breakers on this interactive DVD.

This resource has been noted for it’s creativity and quality and is as useful for schoolteachers, and even professional facilitators, as it is for youth workers!

“The most innovative and hilarious ice breaker games for youth groups ever released”
– eden.co.uk

“The Geordie panda character cracks me up every time I hear him. There are 12 different games all with 8 variations. It is excellent that the games can be played with just a DVD player and you don’t need anything else.”
– Adam, Youth Worker

Play Paws is available to buy in most Christian bookshops or email info@emergeonline.org.uk