Our 2017 Successes


“This year we had a month of sessions where the young people took over.  They planned and delivered creative sessions on issues of their choice; bullying, challenging yourself and knowing your rights. It was great fun and great to see the leadership and creativity…especially the interesting pizza challenges!!”

“F is an 11 year old girl really struggles with her confidence but since being at fast she has grown in this, engaging in a predominantly male sports session, as well as joining her school football team. Also she has joined our youth council and delivered a presentation for a successful funding bid.”

“D is a 18 year old man, and one of many 16-18 year olds who have been adversely affected by the legislation which forces young people to stay in school until 18. After two years of trying to engage in college courses, this year he has been able to complete an employability course, a SIA security course and has got some freelance paid work in construction!”

“Coaching a young girl, we have worked on her family relationships. She was referred for suspected depression and low mood. She couldn’t get on with her sister, it was a very strained relationship, which also affected her relationships with parents because there was constant arguing. We have spent time talking though some very practical strategies and ideas. She came back to me after the Christmas break saying ‘this last holiday was the best I have had in a long time, because I managed my sisters provoking behaviour differently and I feel much more positive about home’.”

“We have walked alongside F during his transition to secondary school through 1-2-1 intervention. We have him attend our Young Leaders sessions and apply what he has learnt by helping out on a Sunday at church and by doing a bible reading at the carol service. F is now participating in something 5 evenings a week with e:merge, with a combination of volunteering and attending. F is being empowered, is growing in confidence and strongly feels a part of the community. It is starting to speak into his life at home and the relationship he has with siblings and parents too.”

‘If it wasn’t for the e:merge hut, I wouldn’t belong anywhere’
Girl age 12

‘Coming to school has suddenly become a little easier now I have met emerge’
Boy age 14