Inspiring Young People

The youth workers at e:merge spend a lot of time with young people. It's our job to inspire them to improve their lives, to keep on going through the tough times, to make the most of opportunities, to grow and develop.

However, we have discovered an exciting truth over the years. As we walk alongside young people, they are often the ones that inspire us. We love the mystery, the magic, and the irony of the role reversal. They have become our role models - they are inspiring us to improve our lives. It's not what we were expecting but it’s worth reflecting on, and it's worth celebrating.

Twenty-nine faces feature in our exhibition but we are celebrating and saying ‘thank you’ to the many young people in our midst who have energized us and spurred us on to be better people. The 29 represent our gratitude for all the others that are not featured here.

Georgina Taylor