‘Getting Active’ News

Our London Youth Council successfully bid to the Wandsworth Youth Opportunity Fund to start Judo and Boxing sessions… 

“Yeah the session was fun, the move names sound fun and it’s hard work being on your hands and knees, but I like the challenge of learning the different moves and flipping people over. I never knew I was so strong! We are learning so many different things, it’s great and quite funny actually!”
Female Judo Participant aged 12


Tensions Being Broken Down by Sports in Bradford

When we first started working in Windhill Bradford there was a group of young people that always argued with each other.  They used to fight each other on a regular basis and definitely didn’t mix well. Thanks to Children in Need funding we began running sports sessions and it is amazing how we have seen those barriers break down over time. We now have a core group that regularly attend the sessions…together! They now have conversations with each other and play sport without any tension or fighting.