E:merge is moving…. closer to you!

We are looking to sell our Pawson St building to better deliver our vision of reaching young people across many communities in Bradford through locally based community hubs. Selling the building will also enable us to be more efficient with costs and therefore invest more into direct work with young people.


e:merge Building
e:merge building

e:merge moved into the old St Mary’s Laisterdyke building in 2004. The building was renovated through a massive effort for the purpose of alternative education, community based youth work and as an office base for staff. The building has been a fantastic resource, and a great blessing to many, but we are now convinced it is the right time to sell and move closer to the young people we work alongside.


Our vision for inspiring young people does not require us to own a building. Wherever we work, we develop partnerships which enable our work to be locally based and we use accessible community buildings. This creates fantastic opportunities to engage and work alongside young people with great results. Our involvement in alternative education provision has reduced over recent years and now ended, while our work within schools has grown. All of this means that at least 90% of our work already takes place away from the Pawson St building. As we continue to grow and potentially begin work in new areas this will continue to be our pattern. Selling the building will therefore help us be present and invest in each community we work in and be more effective in inspiring change in the lives of young people.


For most young people, this will make no difference at all – the activities they attend already take place in a local building or we meet them in school. For some it will make a small difference – we will need to find a new home for Xstream and for some of our small groups. For the young people we work with in the Sutton/Laisterdyke area – we have already planned how we will move our activities into the Sutton Community Centre, and e:merge is part of the partnership which is working to take on the running of this building as a thriving community centre.


Sanctuary walk
X-stream congregation on Sanctuary event

We would like to ask for your help in moving closer…

  • Please pray for us to find a buyer at the right price!
  • We will need a new central office base – preferably in the BD4 area and with a connected, community feel. Please get in touch if you know somewhere?
  • We will also need a new home for Xstream – a worshiping congregation of 50+ young people meeting fortnightly on Friday evenings