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Every young person is unique, special and has the potential to thrive

In 2019, we aim to impact 3,000 of the UK’s most deprived young people (over 500 more than last year), inspiring them to transform their own lives and communities.

The most common forms of poverty that our young people face are; lack of identity, lack of relationships and lack of opportunity. We tackle all three through our distinctive relational brand of youth work and Christian value based approach. We have seen thousands of lives transformed with young people learning to cope, thrive and realise their potential, usually against the odds.

Be part of the solution

We need your support to help us do more at a time when young people’s opportunities and  resources have been significantly cut. Help us work towards our mission this year of successfully reaching 3000 Young People.

Two 1.5 hour sports sessions for a young person


Small group targeted intervention for a young person


provides 1-2-1 behavioural and therapeutic intervention

Any contribution towards helping us to reach young people will be gratefully welcomed. If you believe in what we do and are in a position to donate, please support us at this time.

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