Part of the Community.

e:merge is working within communities to bring hope to young people in the most disadvantaged areas. We aim to develop resilience – a golden quality that allows young people to flourish and thrive even in adversity.

We develop supportive, consistent, encouraging relationships though a variety of open access and more focused sessions, and enable young people to take on new challenges. By experiencing that it is safe to try and fail and still be accepted, we help break the power of the fear of failure so prevalent among young people from disadvantaged communities.

We are now working in six different communities across Bradford and one in South West London. We work in partnership with local organisations rooted in their community; churches and other faith groups, community centres and small groups of community residents passionate about improving the areas where they live.


Our community based youth work offer.

  • First contact work on the streets or through drop in sessions often using sports, games, arts and crafts and hot chocolate!
  • Sports based sessions including coaching and sports leader qualifications
  • Focussed group and one-to-one work
  • Cross-community experiences – bring young people from different communities/cultures/faiths together
  • Youth Councils – enabling young people to use their voice for the good of the organisation and their community
  • Faith based groups for young people of all ages

Meet Joseph

“I was born and have grown up in Bradford with two brothers and a sister. I first came into contact with e:merge after I finished Primary School getting involved in a number of activities, from sport to the youth congregation. There were times growing up when I was angry a lot, e:merge helped me to overcome the anger.

“Recently, I had to rely on e:merge as my Dad was suffering from cancer which had a massive effect on me and my family. I could see that e:merge was using the people in our community to make sure that we were supported in this difficult time.

“He died last year. It was the day before my 18th birthday. If it wasn’t for e:merge I would have just shut down. I wouldn’t have the willpower to get out of bed each day.

“e:merge has been with me through the good times and the hard times. I feel that I can trust them. They provided a listening ear when I needed it. I owe a lot to e:merge”

“I cannot recommend e:merge’s In School work more highly, they also have a fantastic reputation in our community.”

Liz Lawley, Head Teacher, St John’s C of E Primary

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