Budget, Brexit and Beyond – Impacting on young people

Prayer treeBudget, Brexit and Beyond – Impacting on young people

Last week, Joseph Rowntree Foundation released their ‘State of the Nation’ report, showing how in work poverty is at its highest level for over 20 years, and that across the country an average of 9 children in a class of 30 will be living in poverty.

The week before, Bradford Council announced their budget proposals for the next two years which include removing a further £840,000 from youth services in our city where preventative, open youth work is increasingly hard to find.

While our national government and the media spend all its time, energy and money on sorting out the mess that is Brexit, the impact of the above issues will be felt in a day to day basis in the lives of ordinary children, young people and families. Like so many other charities, individuals and groups we are trying to stand in the gap for those we work alongside, and inspire change towards a more positive future. In January we will release our first ever Impact Report to give a snapshot of the difference we make in individual lives and communities. We hope this will inspire you to support us and continue to journey with us.